PCI DSS Compliance

Standards for ensuring secure applications as well as policies and procedures to protect cardholder data

Zednax & PCI PCI Security Standards are technical and operational requirements for security management, policies, procedures and software design that protect cardholder data.

PCI DSS compliance means that customers' payment card data is being kept safe throughout every transaction so they are protected against the pain and cost of data breaches. The PCI Security Standards Council manages the security standards, while compliance with them is enforced by the payment card brands. These security requirements apply to all organisations that store, process or transmit cardholder data.

PCI DSS compliance is an ongoing process where a company, working together with the acquiring bank, constantly assesses its operations, fixing any vulnerabilities it finds and reporting them.

Not only does Zednax provide applications and associated management processes plus policies and procedures for the PCI DSS projects it undertakes, it also employs this rigorous attention in its other projects, meaning you and your customers can rest assured that applications, integration and data integrity will be robust and secure too.

Zednax is one of the very few companies in the UK who's developments for customers have passed multiple tier 1 service provider PCI audits and unique in developing systems to this high standard in all projects for all customers.