Extend your business on-line...

New ways you can reach your customers with online applications; securely integrated with your business's main systems.

We have written a series of web-based applications that allow companies to extend their business online, increasing ways to communicate with customers. We work with world-class companies and deliver products that work. Our software helps your company extend your customer service online, allowing people to engage with you more easily and ease your staff's workload.

Our areas of expertise:

  • Integration with core systems.
  • Adapt functionality for use directly by customers.
  • Maintain data integrity.
  • Browser-based access.
  • Written with your system's security in mind.

Why Zednax Example projects and application

  • Ticketing systems - Zednax has worked together with Premier League clubs to create first UK ticketing system that allowed online and phone ticket sales with seat selection.
  • Tour booking systems for Stadia Operators - Zednax worked with world class companies to create tour booking systems for major stadiums.
  • Zednax worked with Substance, an experienced social research co-operative working in the youth, sport and activities sector developing a front-end web booking solution.


Why Zednax?

  • We understand your business needs.
  • You can speed to market by choosing to outsource specific projects to a specialist.
  • We are fast to accommodate your requirements.
  • Deliver on time, in budget.